In London April 21, And My London DNA

On April 21 I’m in London doing a panel discussion about future-y things with Ken Cukier from the Economist and Professor John Harris.  Details/tickets.

It’s funny how rarely I get asked to do stuff in London. Between walking and trains, this event is pretty much 90 minutes from my front door in Southend.  Somebody get me a residency within 15 minutes walk of Liverpool Street Station and I’m all set.

Half my family is actually from East London, all born within the sound of Bow bells. In the Seventies and Eighties we’d drive up to visit them. Crumbling, nicotine-coloured houses rammed with extended family, terrifying outdoor toilets. There was an aunt in the East End who still had indoor gas lighting, no electricity, in 1980 or 81. Shuffling around every couple of weeks polishing hundred-year-old mantles.

I always joke that I need to go up there every couple of months to recharge my DNA. Not actually much of a joke.

There’s a couple of bars in (spit) Shoreditch that I’ve been meaning to try, too.


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