Foiled By The Little Voices

I left a couple of apps’ bot presences on, because I forgot about them, and so Goodreads and Mixcloud posted to my Twitter feed overnight, and when I woke up I discovered that people thought I was using Twitter again. I was supposed to be in full hiding, damnit.  Especially this month, when I’m not even using my private Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I’m not actually bitching about it, so much as observing how I let myself get so tangled in chains of internet services that I can now accidentally commit public speech in my sleep.

Some of them would continue to post to places like Tumblr for years if I died tomorrow. Many things could not be shut off or accessed by those who survive me.

Networked Mortality is an interesting angle on this situation: a developing handbook for death in the age of digital ghosts. It’s worth a look, and worth considering. Because we live in a time where our little demons may mutter about us long after we’re gone, and our personal books are far harder to close properly now.


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