The Art Of The Trump Videodrome Deal

I really thought Donald Trump would have dropped out of the US nomination race before now. He’s never really shown an appetite for a real fight before now. I’m kind of fascinated by his continuing presence. It feels like a dated gag –  the “television candidate” is a bit we were doing in science fiction in the 60s, 70s and 80s, after all. I keep expecting pieces on Trump to cut to a talking-head opinion squib from Brian O’Blivion. His run is much weirder than it actually seems to us here in 2016.

What’s really interesting, in a way, is this most fake and televisual of presences asserting authenticity. All the other candidates have funding that is occulted in one way or another, he states — he’s using his own money.  Which is another way of saying – other people try to be sneaky about buying the Presidency of the United States, and he’s being honest about buying the Presidency over the counter, straight up.  Yes, he says, the Presidency can be bought, and I’m doing it right in front of you, with my own money, like a respectable businessman.

It’s all a bit weird for me. It feels just that bit too much like the news out of the US is being generated by a computer that ate books by me and about thirty of my comrades and is spitting out algorithmic stories.

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