Winter Sails

Today I am putting my watch back on. I’ve been out of it for nearly two weeks.  More than a million seconds behind the moment.  Lots to do.

I was going to disable the bot that posts links for new MORNING COMPUTER entries to Twitter.  But today I think perhaps it doesn’t hurt to send up an occasional flare. Absurd as it is to ostensibly try and attract attention to what is essentially a hermit’s personal journal, one link is a small enough thing in an online socially-networked world gone terminally loud — small enough to probably be pointless, in fact, but maybe it’s good to be discoverable and in the social record.

I just wrote blurbs for Ben Percy’s new book on storytelling and Geoff Manaugh’s BURGLAR’S GUIDE TO THE CITY  (UK) (US).  I may actually become useful to society again soon.

So I’m putting my watch back on. Back on the deck of my shadow boat as it sails into deep winter, moving through the fog and sending up the occasional flare.