So Loud It’s Lonely

Autumn is edging closer in fits and starts.  Lost a chunk of this week to new medical tests intended to solve the mystery of my haunted veins, which has left me with no answers and an arm so damaged that I’m having to rub ibuprofen gel into it every six hours just to keep it working.  Thanks, science.

It’s quiet.  My internet generation has a ton of (aching, bruised) muscle memory for communicating and reading in several windows and apps across a couple of devices simultaneously.  The new silence has my muscles twitching, yelling that we’re being lazy, but it’s just because nothing’s happening and nobody is talking.  I read a thing the other day saying that the drop-off in new Twitter users is down to the fact that it’s now so loud that it’s lonely.

Waiting for my muscles to learn peace.  My Twitter is DM-only now — I took my mentions/replies pane off, and only read my information lists.  Think of it like rubbing painkillers into the internet.

Yesterday was a night of sushi and sake with my daughter, and today I’m watching the last of this summer’s butterflies flit across the garden.  Fat bees sail the lawn at blade-tip level like ageing galleons. Here I am, still just watching the world go by.


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