CUNNING PLANS: An Ebook Of My Talks

Every now and then, I’m lucky enough to be invited somewhere to swear at a sealed room full of people.  Often, I’m asked to speak on a specific topic, sometimes, to extrapolate and continue a chain of thought from a previous topic.  I write a new talk for each venue, tailoring it to the time, location and the themes of the event.  As of the start of this year, that left me with some fifteen thousand words in a folder, ignoring for a moment the Berlin talk of a few years ago that’s being developed into a book of its own for FSG.

So, with the aid of co-conspirator Ed Zitron and the designer Roger Strunk, I wrapped it up into an ebook, which I called CUNNING PLANS.  (I did a keynote at dConstruct last year called “A Cunning Plan,” all Baldrick-note intended.)  We priced it at 99 US cents or the local equivalent, and put it out on Amazon and Smashwords.  It should be propagating out to Nook and iBooks etc today.

Although I prefer the spoken talks to be of their moment, for the people in those rooms (which is probably largely down to hating being filmed, as I’m less photogenic than an old manatee with alopecia), I am very glad to have been able to put the texts out into the world.  They represent something of a summation of three or four years of thought around a certain set of ideas, and it’s nice to put them in a digital box.  I hope you’ll take a look.