Ello: Yes And No

Yes, I’m on Ello. Yes, I just deleted several of my posts on Ello. Yes, it is currently experiencing a flood of interest, and yes, social software theorists are having a whale of a time Elloing about Ello. No, I don’t think it’ll sustain. I suspect we’re all too savvy now to be sanguine about any level of VC funding for a social network. No, I probably won’t add you on Ello, as I just went in to take a look at the thing, because you never know. The only social things on my phone that have notifications enabled are Snapchat, WhatsApp and private messaging on Instagram. There’s no app for Ello yet, and I doubt any future app for it will get to shout at me. It’s pretty, Ello — at least, I think so. The white space and monotype makes it feel like medical-grade internet, and the wide images in Friends view are a different affordance to what we usually see. Right now, follower notifications are folded into the main timeline, and the keyboard control to hide them (shift+0) only works sporadically for me.

Reading: A Branch from the Lightning Tree: Ecstatic Myth and the Grace of Wildness by Martin Shaw (UK) (US)