morning, computer

As I start writing this, nobody know it’s here.  Clay Shirky once stated broadly that it’s not content until it’s linked — I remember Susannah Breslin going off at him rather spectacularly over that — so, in that Shirky conception, this isn’t content yet.  It’s a small personal statement of intent, a decision to start a new writing discipline.  I tried offline journaling, of a kind — a friend and I had an idea that I’d write a journal during my low-signal periods on the internet, prepare it while I was back online, and release it in print when I went dark again.  But it was too time-sensitive, in the end, to be effective.  I may just be too entrained to write in the moment.  That may have been the source of the original itch all along.  So I set this up.  A system to be in the moment every morning, and a moment to get some things out of my system.  A way to think.  I’m a writer, and I’m also trained to process a thought by seeing it written in front of me.  Which is a ridiculous way to think, and live, but it’s all I have to work with.

Morning, computer.

Reading: EVENT by Slavoj Zizek.